IWS-International Wrestling Syndicate..

The International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) is the Top Wrestling company in Canada, and one of the highest rated wrestling promotions in the world. Specializing in a mix of extreme hardcore with the excitement of high flying.

Welcome to * IWS-International Wrestling Syndicate........ (We now have new wrestlers cards that am placing in the show if you have a pic. you like me to add to your card PLZ. feal free to email it to me and i'll see about adding it to the card ty. and keep up the great work on the Rp's for the shows) .... Current Champions: "IWS- World Heavyweight Champion.< Hawke the slayer" , "IWS-Bloodlust Champion.<-- VACANT" , "IWS. Unfied Junior Heavyweight Champion. <-Criss Angel (MINDFREAK) ", "IWS.North_American_Heavyweight_Champion <-VACENT" ,"IWS-Cruiserweight Chanpion.<-TJ_Xtream", "IWS-World Tag Team Champions.<- Mean Machine & ''Chris Benoit''", "IWS-Women's Championship.<--"Lita"

IWS-International Wrestling Syndicate..

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    Great Show!

    An Old F

    Great Show! Empty Great Show!

    Post by An Old F on Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:03 pm

    I want to say to anyone on this sight. IWS is doing an awsome job on TWG. I especially enjoyed that you were in my hometown and got new photo frames for every wrestler. I hope you the best and that you continue to do amazing shows!

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